Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Game Schedule?

Men and Women Tournament will begin on Thursday, June 6th. Completion of Men and Women Tournament will be Friday, June 7th. If there is time left on Friday, June 7th, Coed will begin. Coed will complete on Saturday, June 8th with Banquet to follow to celebrate 50th Anniversary Women’s.

What balls will SWSAD be using?

Thank you to Vance Rewolinski for donating Women’s Pink balls!

Softballs that will be used during SWSAD Tournament!

How much Fans pay to get in?

Fans pay $20. You can read more by click on Fan Information Page.

How does the Zeffy contribution work?

Please watch the video of how Zeffy works.

How much much are Team Entry Fees?

Men pay $500, Women pay $400, and Coed pay $300. You can read more by click on Team Entry Information Page.

How much much are Player/Non Player Fees?

All player/non player(s) pay $5. You can read more by click on Player/Non Player Information Page.

Can I volunteer?

We welcome volunteers all the time. Please reach out to us or go to the Volunteer Information Page.